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Calligraphy Lessons & Workshops In Istanbul

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Turkish - Ottoman Calligraphy Lessons in Istanbul.

Ottoman - Turkish Calligraphy, also known as Arabic calligraphy, is the art of writing, and by extension, of bookmaking. This art has most often employed the Arabic script, throughout many languages. Calligraphy is especially revered among Islamic arts since it was the primary means for the preservation of the Qur'an.

Ottoman Turkish calligraphy is associated with geometric Islamic art on the walls and ceilings of mosques as well as on the page. Contemporary artists in the Islamic world draw on the heritage of calligraphy to use calligraphic inscriptions or abstractions in their work.

The first of those to gain popularity was known as the Kufic script, which was angular, made of square and short horizontal strokes, long verticals, and bold, compact circles.

The Diwani script is a cursive style of Arabic calligraphy developed during the reign of the early Ottomans (16th and early 17th centuries). It was invented by Housam Roumi and reached its height of popularity under Süleyman I the Magnificent. As decorative as it was communicative, Diwani was distinguished by the complexity of the line within the letter and the close juxtaposition of the letters within the word.

In the teachings of calligraphy figurative imagery is used to help visualize the shape of letters to trace.

The traditional instrument of the Turkish - Ottoman calligrapher is the kalem, a pen made of dried reed or bamboo; the ink is often in color, and chosen such that its intensity can vary greatly, so that the greater strokes of the compositions can be very dynamic in their effect.

** If you have any interest of learning Classical Ottoman Calligraphy, joining a workshop or ordering a special Turkish Calligraphy Work from our teachers Mr. Eftel, Mr. Melih or Ms. Betul can show you the basic and advanced techniques of it. Please call us or send us an e-mail to get more information and to get a meeting..

Gallery Les Arts Turcs (Incili Çavus sk.)
Incili Çavus Sok. No: 37 Kat:3 (Yerebatan Sarayi Girisi Arkasi)
Alemdar Mah. Sultanahmet 34400 Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: 90 (212) 527 68 59
Tel: 90 (212) 520 77 43
Fax: 90 (212) 511 75 56

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Les Arts Turcs - 2 - Şengüler Turizm

Gallery Les Arts Turcs - 2 (Ishakpasa Cad.)
Ishakpasa Cad. No: 6 (Near the Topkapi Palace Entrance)
Cankurtaran Mah. Sultanahmet 34400 Istanbul, Turkey

Tel: 90 (212) 458 13 18
Tel: 90 (212) 458 13 20
Tel: 90 (212) 658 12 15
Fax: 90 (212) 458 13 19
Fax: 90 (212) 638 76 06

2 Hours Calligraphy Workshop ( Per Person )
1 student
50 Euro
2 - 5 student
40 Euro
6 - more
30 Euro
Child Supp.
Free under the age 6.
Workshop Includes.
  • These are private events and runs upon request.
  • English Guidance and assistance service.
  • Workshop area & equipments are included.
  • 2 Hours workshop in our Studio.
  • Discount rates for students and groups.
  • For more info please send us an e-mail.

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